The Shady Lady

A Robust Blend of Privilege, Influence and White-Collar Crime

by Kara Poe Atnip and
Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend*

Preston Taylor, executive director of a Portland, Oregon-based environmental nonprofit, has two loves: yachts and women. Now his wife is running for governor and her campaign is using up most of their disposable income, so when Preston falls in love with The Shady Lady, a yacht far outside his price range, he uses the nonprofit’s money to buy it, unbeknownst to his staff. But Ronan Farrow is arriving at noon for an interview, and Preston and his staff must scramble to cover up the evidence of his embezzlement before Farrow exposes them—and they all end up in federal prison.

May 5–22, 2022
Performances are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2:00 p.m.


Role Actor
Big Preston
Ronin Farrow
Elizabeth Taylor
Jon Yelton
Valerie Gerlock*
MJ Deamon*
Claire Rutkowski*
Joshua Paul Wright*
Laura MacGregor
Amy Hunt
Eamon McInerney
Jill Chukerman Test*


Role Name
Associate Producer
Co-Stage Manager/Sound Designer
Co-Stage Manager
Set Design
Set Construction
Scenic Art
Costume Design
Lighting Design
Sound Design
Prop Design
Public Relations
Social Media
Robert-Eric West*
Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend*
Adam Hoak*
Brendan Siddall
John Austin*
Emil Zbella*
Jim Masini*
Pat Gager
Robert-Eric West*
Samuel Stephan
Brendan Siddall
Paula Kenar*
Jill Chukerman Test*
Beth Bruins*

*Saint Sebastian Players Company Member