Little Stones

In this romantic drama combining notions of reincarnation and fate, a young director and actress rehearsing different plays in adjacent classrooms of St. Bonaventure School in the autumn of 2018 find themselves inexplicably drawn to one another. Is it merely mutual attraction, or is it something deeper, more mysterious—a possible reconnection of old souls whose past lives were tragically cut short 100 years earlier? Combining neighborhood history with New Age sensibilities, Little Stones is a made-in-Chicago fable of karma, theatre and influenza.

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Adult – $20
Senior/Children/Students with ID – $12

by Leigh Johnson*
February 15–March 10, 2019


Jim Carlucci – Jim Masini*
Mike Gideon – Julian Colletta
Sam Beckinsworth – Austin Cornett
Gladys Fromnick – Hilary Hensler*
Olivia Carlyle – Anne Ogden
Enzo Pignatano – Marshall Jacobson*
Clarice Witcomb – Melinda MJ Deamon*

Production Staff
Producers – Leigh Johnson*, Jim Masini*, Jill Chukerman Test*, Steven Walanka*
Director – Aaron Harris Woodstein*
Assistant Director – Melinda MJ Deamon*
Set designer – Emil Zbella*
Costume designer – Robert-Eric West*
Sound designer – Monica Llorente
Intimacy designer – Tori Keeling


*Saint Sebastian Players member