Second Annual 10-Minute Play Festival

June 20-30, 2019

Thursday – Saturday 7:30 p.m., Sunday 2 p.m.
$20 Admission
$12 seniors, children younger than 12

The Plays

In the Kitchen by Melinda “MJ” Deamon*
Directed by Adam Hoak*
Featuring Ellen Trout, Val Gerard Garcia Jr., Danny Houk, Nat Kier, Marla Seidell, Susan Steinke
The office kitchen is where office politics and staff concerns are discussed and the day’s gossip gets dished.

nORml by Julian Colletta*
Directed by Melinda “MJ” Deamon*
Featuring Sarah Camargo, Ryan Finn*
A man, meeting with a new therapist, finds his belief that he’s not “normal” challenged.

The Ballad of Leslie by Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend*
Directed by Nancy Pollock*
Featuring Danny Houk, Michaela Voit
A woman finds out what it’s like to have her very own chorus for a day to cheer her up.

Coffee in Limbo by Ross Compton
Directed by Sean Michael Barrett*
Featuring Ellen Trout, Michaela Voit
Two friends meet for coffee to celebrate a post-Apocalyptic birthday.

Bughouse Square by Leigh Johnson*
Directed by Russ Gager*
Featuring Marshall Mark Jacobson*, Nat Kier, Timothy Swaim
A grandfather explains the importance of political tolerance through tales of free thinking and soap-box speechifying from Chicago’s famed Bughouse Square.

Masterpiece Theater by Ryan King
Directed by Valerie King*
Featuring Ryan Finn*, Nat Kier, Marla Seidell
The children are with a babysitter and their parents are looking forward to a romantic evening alone, but things can—and do—go comically wrong!

A Frog in the Vault by Michael Rossi
Directed by Steven Walanka*
Featuring John Austin*, Mohamed Gborie
A smart, deserving student discusses his test scores with his teacher.

* indicates SSP company member